Günter Berghaus is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Bristol and has been Guest Professor at Brown University, Providence/RI and the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

He has been principal organizer of several international conferences and held research awards from the Polish Academy of Sciences, the German Research Foundation, the Italian Ministry of Culture, the British Academy, and the Brazilian Ministry of Education.

He has published some 20 books on various aspects of theatre and performance studies, art history and cultural politics, amongst others Theatre and Film in Exile (1989), Fascism and Theatre (1996), Futurism and Politics (1996), Italian Futurist Theatre (1998), On Ritual (1998), International Futurism in the Arts and Literature (2000), Avant-garde Performance: Live Events and Electronic Technologies (2005), Theatre, Performance and the Historical Avant-garde (2005), F. T. Marinetti: Selected Writings (2006), Futurism and the Technological Imagination (2009).

He currently serves as general editor of the International Yearbook of Futurism Studies, Handbook of International Futurism, and of International Futurism 1945-2015: A Bibliographic Handbook.

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