Theatre Productions:

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1979 Nestroy, Die schlimmen Buben in der Schule

1980 Brecht, Baal

1981 Goethe, Urfaust

1982 Goethe, Scherz, List und Rache

1983 Brecht, Fatzer

1983 Lessing, Minna von Barnhelm

1985 Schlemmer, Gestentanz

1986 Brecht, Turandot

1987 The Kartoffel Club Revue: Berlin Cabaret of the 1920s

1988 Naked as the Night: Hommage à Georges Bataille

1991 Cabaret Diavolo: A Futurist Music-hall Extravaganza

1991 Müller, The Battle

1993 Tender is the Night (after Scott Fitzgerald)

1993 Ruun: A Shamanic Journey

1993 Settimelli/Corra, Sempronio’s Lunch

1994 Aristophanes, The Birds

1995 Degraded: A Video Performance

1996 Artaud, Jet de Sang

1996 Metal Monsters and Mechanical Mayhem (Programme of Futurist Sintesi)

1997 Kokoschka, Murder Hope of Women

1997 Kokoschka, Assassino, esperança de mulheres

1998 Ritual Gathering

1998 Brecht Centenary Project

1999 Ritual Journey

1999 Flight into the Future (Programme of Futurist Sintesi)

1999 Mani-Pulate: A Video Performance

2000 The “Living Room”: An Installation

2000 Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld (A Mesopotamian Ritual Drama)

2002 Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld

2003 Isis and Osiris (An Egyptian ritual drama)

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